Inspiring & Motivating Captions for your Influencer Page

Inspiring & Motivating Captions for your Influencer Page

Hey yall! So since the launch of my site, I have been getting more and more requests for the tea on how to run and operate an online presence and social site. I figured I would put my journalism degree to use and give more useful tips and advice. This week I am giving away captions! Yes, it is important to have a good caption on your SOCIAL site. Below are inspiring captions you can use to help cultivate a positive exchange between you and your followers. 

1. and this too, shall pass

2. Manifestation 101: Call those things that are not as though they are

3. Everything you life for is on the line when you refuse to be great

4. Live everyday this year with 2020 vision, playtime is over

5. My mood right now is real Madam C.J. Walker-ish

6. "If your dream only includes you, it's too small" -Ava DuVernay

7. Yeah, I'm not where I want to be right now but I thank God I'm not where I was 5 years ago.

8. Fear is the rehearsal of negative outcomes that have not happened. 

9. When they said the best things in life were free, they weren't lying

10. Half the time, the most valuable thing to have is consistency and determination. 

11. Set an alarm on your phone for the things you want to do more of and start doing them. 

12. Good content and consistency is key

13. Passion is the foundation of success 

14. Start living for the Champagne Moments

15. Theres always a reward when you come through the fire 


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