Easy method to help you get shit done & stay consistent

Easy method to help you get shit done & stay consistent

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For those of us that don’t get along with structure too well, I’m speaking to you.


Set small task for yourself everyday.


 I’m about to be real petty w/ this one lol but if you’re behind on your laundry this might help you. Pick a day you know you’ll be free and have the energy to get some things checked off your to-do list. Mines is usually Sunday’s. What I’ve been doing lately is setting small task on things that require hours to complete. Sometimes I put off my laundry because I know it’s going to take sooo long to wash, dry and then fold and hang. So this past week I only washed and dried my dirty clothes. After that was completed, I left my clothes in the laundry room. I told myself ‘ok I’m going to put away 5 items a day. So I’m gonna take 5 now and then take 5 tomorrow.’ ‘This way I know I’m gonna eventually have this basket clear and I avoid leaving a stack of clothes in my room all week.

I applied this concept in my business life as well. I have over 100 makeup brushes and sponges that get filled with makeup after every use. Of course you have to wash them or sanitize them before you work on a new client. It is so hard for me to wash my brushes in one day, which is what I usually do every Friday night before I have a long weekend of Saturday and Sunday clients.

This week I gave myself a number of 10 brushes I was going to wash a day. It actually helped me a lot to relieve the stress of having to wash a million tiny brushes which can be tiresome.


Try this in your day to day life and tell me below how it worked for you.


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